<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE firewall PUBLIC "-//Packetflow Firewall//Firewall Definition//EN" "http://packetflowfw.sourceforge.net/PacketFlow.dtd"> <!-- This configuration is targeted towards a user using a PPP connection to the Internet. From the inside, it permits SSH from and DHCP from everything. Other than the above, only established connections are allowed. --> <firewall> <interfaces> <interface name="dialup"> <device>ppp0</device> <securitylevel>0</securitylevel> </interface> <interface name="inside"> <device>eth0</device> <securitylevel>100</securitylevel> </interface> </interfaces> <access-lists> <!-- Allow SSH from, and DHCP from everything coming in on the inside interface. --> <access-list incoming="inside"> <rule action="permit"> <source address="" /> <destination protocol="tcp" port="ssh" /> </rule> <rule action="permit"> <destination protocol="udp" port="bootps" /> </rule> </access-list> </access-lists> </firewall>