<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE firewall PUBLIC "-//Packetflow Firewall//Firewall Definition//EN" "http://packetflowfw.sourceforge.net/PacketFlow.dtd"> <!-- This configuration is a combination of the dialup and cable configs. It illustrates how to deal with multiple interfaces. From the inside, it permits SSH from and DHCP from everything. Other than the above, only established connections are allowed. --> <firewall> <interfaces> <interface name="cable"> <device>eth0</device> <securitylevel>0</securitylevel> </interface> <interface name="dialup"> <device>ppp0</device> <securitylevel>0</securitylevel> </interface> <interface name="inside"> <device>eth1</device> <securitylevel>100</securitylevel> </interface> </interfaces> <access-lists> <!-- Allow SSH from, and DHCP from everything coming in on the inside interface. --> <access-list incoming="inside"> <rule action="permit"> <source address="" /> <destination protocol="tcp" port="ssh" /> </rule> <rule action="permit"> <destination protocol="udp" port="bootps" /> </rule> </access-list> <!-- Allow incoming packets to the dhcp client so that it can maintain a lease from the provider. --> <access-list incoming="cable"> <rule action="permit"> <destination protocol="udp" port="bootpc" /> </rule> </access-list> </access-lists> </firewall>